About Berret's Taphouse Grill


The Taphouse Grill is our casual outdoor bar and grill that celebrates a more contemporary Virginia than our historic neighbors across Duke of Gloucester Street. The menu features seafood, chicken and beef, highlighting Virginia specialties such as oysters, crab, and fresh produce. Steamed whole Virginia blue crabs are available during the summer. The Taphouse has a full bar that includes a wine menu featuring unique selections that highlight award winning wines from across the state, and a beer menu with more local microbrews on tap than any other outdoor restaurant in the area.  Live music is featured on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (weather permitting). Every Thursday during the summer is Steal the Pint Night. A different brewery is featured each night with 4 unique draft beers. Keep the glass, enjoy a great meal and listen to some local music.

The Taphouse Grill is open each April through the end of October.

Contact Us

199 South Boundary Street Williamsburg, Virginia 23185


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